Notes For Passengers For Manila

Metro Manila is a very busy metropolis in the Philippines for it is where the most number of businesses can be found along with other commercial establishments. Many tourists love heading to Manila since it boasts of a good mix of the country’s history and culture that tell of the past and modern scenarios of the city. In short, there is always a little something that Metro Manila can offer.

In traveling around Manila, taxi is the main mode of transportation that most locals and tourists take. But just like any other city in the world, it is best to know some safety tips once you decide going around the place riding a cab.

Note Down All The Details

Once you ride the taxi, take the time to note down the details of the taxi – the name and the plate. If you happen to know someone you can call or text, pass on the taxi information you got to them. If possible, take note also of the exact place where you took the cab along with the time. Much better if you can call someone and let the taxi driver hear that you are sharing his cab’s details to another person.

Schedule Your Ride With A Trusted Taxi Service Line

In Manila, you can get to call a wide line of taxi services which can pick you up wherever you are n the city. The good names of taxi service you can depend on include Dollar, Reno, and Shiro among many others. You can even get to request for specific drivers who you want to drive for you.

Fall In Line In Credible Establishments That Have Taxi Stands

Around the Metro, there are numerous establishments which cater to passengers several taxi stands where cabs line up to be in queue for the next passenger. Examples of these establishments are malls, exclusive subdivisions, hotels and other business centers.

Always Locks Your Doors

Once you get inside the taxi, never forget to lock all the doors. This will stop from any bad entity to force themselves inside your taxi.

Keep Your Cash Safe And Prepare Emergency Numbers

In the Philippines, you can call 143 for Red Cross emergency or 117 for the police. These are the emergency hotline versions of 911 in the States. Make sure too that you keep your cash in a safe part of your body.