Notes for Drivers for Manila

If you plan to go around Manila by driving on your own instead of taking a car or any rental service, then here are some of the most important notes for you to remember.

For FAQs on getting a driving license in the Philippines and other related concerns, you can visit the official website of the Department of Transportation and Communications Land Transportation Office.

Always wear your seat belt

It is against the Philippine law if you are caught without your seatbelt on as based on RA 8750. It is also ideal to keep you safe in case accidents happen.

Carry a map with you

Do not forget to grab a map around the Metro so that you will always be prepared in times when you get lost around its twists and turns.

Be aware of the number coding law

Based on the number coding rules set by the MMDA, you should be aware of the days that your vehicle is not allowed to roam the streets. There is one particular day of the week that you can get to use your vehicle only after 7pm or else you are left with no choice but to commute or take the taxi instead.

Follow all the city’s basic traffic rules

Be aware of all the traffic rules of the city no matter how simple they may sound like no beating the red light, no swerving, one way, respect bicycle lanes, school zone, no parking, etc.

Stay away from public utility vehicles

The public utility vehicles like the buses, jeepneys and trucks usually move faster than the other private vehicles. So make sure you stay away from them since they seem to be always in a rush to pick up the most passengers as much as they can.

Be a defensive driver

Stay mindful of the environment you are driving in and master how to drive defensively at all times.